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The Tourist guide

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The main task of an experienced tourist guide, is to entertain, to show places of interest, cities and the nature, to introduce to the culture, to the history and to the gastronomy of the visited land in an inspiring way, and in the meantime being proficient in local planning matters relating to the program and provide appropriate assistance.

A travel experience is an important factor in the life of all of us. Most of the times we are preparing our trip a long time in advance, searching and planning, and after arriving back home, even several years later, we wish to commemorate to these events.

Today, while there are a lot of guidelines to be found on the shelves of bookstores, even the most detailed guidebook would not be able to provide such hidden and interesting information what an experienced personal tourist guide might know about.

The tourist guide’s job is to make the travelers trip unforgettable. The tour guides are also traveling a lot since we escort our guests through land and marks, through countries, and continents. The tour guiding is not a journey, it is an experience for you, for them.


IN Hungary

Boat trips
on the Danube


There are many guides in Hungary, but at this website I am focusing on the history and sight of my city that maybe not everyone knows about, at the same time I wish my guests to feel like home, get together with locals or behave as locals. I am waiting for your call!!


There are plenty of reasons to love Budapest, I just love it for its everyday life, for its beautiful buildings, the baths, the parks, the nightlife and its cuisine and for its culture. Budapest is a festival city every day is a new feast in our life.
Please join me today!